Lovely Date

Bubba and I try to at least have one date night and especially now we are committed to spending more time together. We got back to my place about an hour ago. We showered together and had a little fun ;). Right now I am “trying” to sleep but he is watching Criminal Minds & we all know I love that show.

I love him so much
He has brighten my life
He loves me

I really want to share something with you all but I will wait.

I really miss this tumblr

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First thing when I get you home.


First thing when I get you home.

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*shy but actually a sex freak*

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I miss you guys ^_^
  • Hello, maybe this a comeback. Im so exhausted, just came home from a 5 hr shift at my first job & im laying here debating if I should wake up Rudy?
  • All I want is his kisses : *
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You may text or KIK me ;)

KIK: CherryMinnie or JuJuAllOver
Phone # only will be given to my loves :)

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Why I’m leaving?!

CherryMinnie was created for me to post WHATEVER I wanted and not interfere with my main blog (if you know who I am. You are awesome). So I started with whatever photos but slowly I started to follow sex blogs and with the help of Blair, I started to enjoy reblogging from the sex blogs and slowly started to write about my own sex life. With writing my own stories, people started to ask everyday since then. Where are your nudes? Can we see you? Can we hear you? Can you show us? I was really into the idea but I’m certain you will be able to recognize me in public and I would be so uncomfortable if any of you came up to me because ITS JUST A BLOG OR A SPARE OF THE MOMENT THING. Also, I’m also afraid of my stalkers who want to use anything against me. So im leaving because I am tired of people asking me to do something I am not fully comfortable with. I use to like my blog and everyone but now im just so EH about the whole thing. I guess im over this blog…I guess I did lead you on but I never said it was solid that I would personally post photos on here. I wanted a sex blog but I never thought anyone expect a few will like it. I never wanted to lead anyone on. I might if I don’t just decide to drop it, leave a special goodbye here.

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Bubba has muscles and he is a big man. I use to make fun of men like that but now I’m addicted to his body.

First, I sometimes just stare at his muscles.
I start to name each one….ugh the anatomy in me lol
Second, I order him to leave his shirt off when we are together alone but that means I have to also be shirtless..

Loves, he is so sexy to me D:

I use to be into chubby men but now I’m forever changed.
Size never matter to me but sadly it does now.

I can’t wait to see him naked on top of me tonight…
He better fuck me xD

Xoxo Cherry

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